Leverage purpose and passion to build high performing teams

Understand what motivates employee behaviors, and lead them to contribute their best!

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mentum is a year-long, transformational mentoring program that helps businesses grow by developing the potential of talented, motivated identity groups in their organizations.

Facilitated by Purpose Linked Consulting. Grounded in a results-based approach to solving the real challenges faced by your organization.

Are your team members contributing their best?

Understanding the purpose and passions of your employees is key.

A recent Gallup survey found…

Work shouldn’t be this way! Your culture should encourage team members to contribute their best, and not work against them. 

You can't inspire people to give their best without understanding what truly motivates them.

Assess purpose and passion with a proven methodology

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The Passion Profiler™ is our proven methodology that scientifically assesses an individual’s expression of purpose as work-related passions. These are the inherent passions that stimulate us to learn new skills, think more creatively and thrive in our work.

What is your purpose and passion?

Your organization benefits when employees can leverage their passion

Four factors are crucial to build high performing teams


Valued Inclusive Input

Everyone must value the input of others and operate inclusively.


Diverse Viewpoints

Individuals must seek out diverse views when solving challenges.


Common Language​

The team needs a common language to foster communication.


Aligned Employee Roles

Everyone must be aligned to roles  that allow them to contribute their best to the team’s success.

We can show you how to get there

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