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Develop the potential of identity groups within your organization

mentum is a year-long, transformational mentoring program that helps your business grow by developing the potential of talented, motivated identity groups within your organization.

A program tailored for your specific groups

The mentum program can be customized to suit the specific needs of any identity group within your organization.

Built on a passion-centered foundation

The foundation of mentum is a passion-centered process that identifies the Passion Archetypes of both mentor and mentee.

This process provides insights, a framework, and a language for understanding one another to quickly establish trust and commitment in the mentoring relationship.

Mentoring pairs are then better able to communicate challenges, identify opportunities, and explore insights as they progress through the program.


Facilitated with your own real-world challenges

The mentum process is facilitated by Purpose Linked Consulting, the creators of The Passion Profiler™, a scientifically-based psychometric tool that empowers participants with understanding of self and others, improving organizational effectiveness.

Business-specific challenges (chosen by senior management) will be used to provide a positive learning environment for participants.

Practical and effective learning sessions

The mentum experience includes four key Learning Sessions that will be selected based your organization's needs.

Numerous "check-ins" will keep you on track

The results-based approach solving real-world challenges will ensure that the mentoring is practical and effective, and will establish an engaged work culture for both participants and their colleagues.

Six key outcomes for your organization

Personal Growth

Mentor and mentee grow to understand and be their best self

Workplace Understanding

Mentor and organization expand their understanding of the unique workplace circumstances of the identity group.

Measurable Returns

Increase measurable returns through investment in inclusion (recruiting, onboarding, development, succession planning, and marketing)

Showcased Talent

Showcase the talents and leadership potential of your mentees through tangible projects and deliverables

Elevated Thinking

Elevate knowledge and creative thinking around the strategic challenges facing your organization

Enhanced Retention

Enhance employee retention and engagement by highlighting the value participants bring to your company

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