Leaders, Teams, and Customers

At Purpose Linked Consulting, our focus is on leaders, their people and their customers. We are dedicated to helping you excel in talent management, better engage your workforce, build passionate teams, deepen customer relationships and become a better leader.  

Talent Management

Many organizations devote significant time and money to talent management initiatives, ultimately striving to identify and develop employees with the highest potential to contribute to the success of the business. While these programs are valuable and important tools in the talent management arsenal, they do not address one of the most critical aspects of leadership development: forging a connection between individual purpose & passion and corporate goals. Purpose Linked Consulting has a unique process designed to address the overlooked aspects of current leadership development and talent management practices. It is tailored to the needs of your organization, and both complements and goes beyond traditional skill-based programs. We address the missing link: the strategic evolution of key organizational roles and the passions required for success within them.

You need leaders who can capably handle today’s challenges and navigate tomorrow’s emerging strategies, while inspiring a passionate workforce to deliver outstanding results. Let us help you align your leaders with the roles that can foster their continued growth and contribution to the organization.

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 Employee Engagement

Are you leveraging the passion energy of your workforce?

The people in your organization will devote more than 80,000 hours of their lives to work over the course of a lifetime. That’s a staggering amount of time to spend doing anything, so it’s especially important to harness the passions of your people to insure that you keep them engaged and committed to delivering their very best.

Achieving that level of engagement, and the innovation that it births, is no small challenge for any leader. That’s where PLC can help. We believe that tapping into the full abilities of every person in your organization requires more than just hiring people with the right background or credentials for the job. You need passionate people showing up for work every day − people who understand their own passions and respect the passions of others in a way that allows your organization to achieve beyond what was thought imaginable. Our flagship workshop, Leveraging Purpose and Passion in the Workplace is a great place to begin. It will help you to establish a common language around passion, build understanding among work colleagues and inspire engagement at every level.

Passion. Make it your competitive edge.

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Build a Passionate Team

Until now, understanding the passions of the people on your team has been guesswork at best. The complexity and uniqueness of each individual, combined with where they are in the phases of a career, are often difficult to summarize into a few actionable categories that allow you to know how to effectively motivate each person to deliver their best. With the introduction of the Passion Profiler™  and our Building Passionate Teams program,  the guesswork about how to drive productivity and profit is over.

Our program will help you to understand how to align and motivate your team and will reveal the untapped perspectives that each person can contribute to strategic issues. Make the most of the talent in which you are investing. Get started on building a better team today!

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Improve Sales Results

In any given sales force, there are always a few sales professionals who (all things being equal) perform much better than the average–sometimes by an order of magnitude. This occurs despite the fact that your company’s recruitment parameters are the same for all sales candidates, you have standardized training for all representatives, and sales territories are designed to provide an equal opportunity for success. Why then is there such a difference in outcomes? In one word, PASSION.

Purpose Linked Consulting’s research has identified four important considerations for leaders of top sales teams:

1. You cannot assume that all sales representatives follow the rules and conduct sales conversations with clients as directed through training programs.

2. While the substance of the conversation with a client matters, it is the “energy” of the conversation that makes the difference.

3. Sales professionals who succeed do not fake conversations; they embody the conversation. As a result, they are much more authentic, believable and convincing to customers.

4. The most successful sales people work to identify the passions of their customers and adjust their interactions with customers accordingly, building better rapport and brand loyalty.

You may be spending millions of dollars annually in sales training, hoping to generate better results. What most likely goes unaddressed in your training approach are the unique passions that each individual might apply to the sales conversation — the competitive edge born of passion that the company is not currently leveraging. PLC’s Sell With Passion process is designed to help your sales organization capture that edge and achieve breakthrough results with customers. Let us help you exceed your goals.

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Discover Your Passions, Lead With Purpose

Developing an understanding of your unique Passion Archetypes will allow you to better align your passions with all aspects of your life and leadership, including: how you lead and inspire others, the career path you pursue and how you interface with others in professional and personal relationships. Understanding your Passion Archetypes will help you experience greater fulfillment and deliver better results, both at work and at home. Learn more about the 10 Passion Archetypes operating in all of us, and when you’re ready to discover the passions that help you operate at your very best, click the button below!

What is the passion composition of your team?


The Altruist

The humanitarians of the organization, they are on the lookout to raise your organization’s profit, while benefiting the world at large.


The Builder

Creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, they’re the driving force of obtaining or expanding an organization’s presence on the market.

Ready to Get Started?

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