The Passion Profiler™

The Passion Profiler™ is the most valid and reliable passion identification tool on the market. It scientifically assesses an individual’s  expression of purpose as work-related passions – the inherent passions that stimulate us to learn new skills, think more creatively and thrive in our work.

These quantifiable passions are expressed as Passion Profile Archetypes, which define a person’s overall approach to work and life – and provide insight into how an individual can be motivated to deliver their very best.

Value for the organization: Organizations that successfully align employees’ assignments with not only their skills, but also their inherent passions, experience increased employee engagement, satisfaction and creativity.

Value for the leaderLeaders build stronger, more innovative and effective teams when they understand the passions driving everyone on the team. And, by understanding their own passions, leaders are better equipped to inspire their teams to deliver outstanding results.

Value for the individual: Employees develop an understanding of the unique ways in which they can contribute through their passions, so their work roles provide a source of meaning and fulfillment that is so vital for job satisfaction. For job seekers, it provides a platform for examining the key driving passions that can contribute to success in a new position and help target the job search process.

Accessing the Passion Profiler

There are two ways to access the Passion Profiler. The first is by purchasing The Purpose Linked Organization and using the book code included with your purchase to complete the tool, or you may purchase a code here. Individuals who choose to complete the Passion Profiler this way will receive a 2-page report listing their top three Passion Archetypes.

Individuals or organizations desiring a more complete analysis should contact Purpose Linked Consulting for a custom link to the Passion Profiler. After completing the online assessment through the custom link, respondents receive a 25-page comprehensive report that highlights not only their affinity to all 10 passion archetypes, but also defines the styles of passion they are utilizing at work, measures their connection to the organization and their occupation, examines their propensity for reflection and meaning-making related to work and life experiences, and identifies the unique ways in which they can contribute to the creation and utilization of knowledge.

Operational Style graphic

Organizations that choose to administer The Passion Profiler™ to teams or units may also obtain a Comprehensive Group Report. This summarizes the Passion Archetypes of the respondent group, identifies employees whose jobs and passions don’t line up, highlights potential development and retention challenges the organization needs to address and reveals how the collective passions of a team are impacting the creation and utilization of knowledge within the organization.

The Passion Archetypes:

Want to know the Passion DNA of your organization, and how can you apply your own passions to lead more effectively?  Take a look at the passion archetypes that may be operating on your team:

Ready to Get Started?

To begin you will need to complete The Passion Profiler™. Click "Start Here" and enter the access code from your copy of The Purpose Linked Organization. If you do not have an access code, you may purchase one here or contact us at or call 540.631.1986.

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