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Leveraging Purpose & Passion in the Workplace

Introduce the power of purpose and passion to your organization.

Leveraging Purpose and Passion in the Workplace

Our flagship learning session

Participants learn to strengthen team culture by applying passion knowledge across personal, team, and organization dimensions.

Participants discover:

  • Their unique passion archetypes, and the associated strengths and vulnerabilities that must be mastered to deliver great results
  • The passion archetypes of team members
  • How to leverage a team's mix of passions to work together effectively
  • How to apply passion knowledge to execute strategies, solve problems, and achieve goals

The afternoon focus will be on a critical real-time business issue specific to your organization.

Team members will be guided to work together and develop a strategic action plan framework that identifies the key skills and passions required to address the business issue.

To embed the learning and provide for ongoing personal and professional development, participants will create a Passion Linked Action Plan detailing the specific steps they will take to apply workshop insights.

Inclusion & Compassionate Listening

Learn how to navigate the difficult conversations on your team

Inclusion & Compassionate Listening

Navigate the difficult conversations on your team

In these times of challenge around social justice issues are you able to navigate the difficult conversations on your team?

Does your team engage in open and honest dialogue about issues related to inclusion and diversity?

At Purpose Linked Consulting we believe that to do this well, individuals need a safe and compassionate space in order to enter discussions that result in understanding rather than strife.

Our Compassionate Listening process supports leaders and their teams to create a structure for healthy dialogues that build trust, foster insight and honor all perspectives.

Our process includes ongoing executive coaching to assist you in creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Leading With Purpose™

Forge connections between employee passions and your corporate goals.

Leading with Purpose™

Advanced leadership sessions customized for your organization's top talent

Leading With Purpose is a unique process, tailored to your organization's specific needs, to help your company harness its Purpose Power by:

  • Examining the unique Passion Profiles required for specific, strategic jobs
  • Defining the Passion Profiles needed to support existing or emerging strategies
  • Identifying the Passion Profiles of high-potential individuals in your organization
  • Assessing and addressing gaps between your key talents' passions and job roles

The Leading With Purpose process complements, and goes beyond, traditional skill and strength based programs.

The process begins with an analysis of the most critical strategic positions in your company.

Unlike typical skill inventories, we identify job-specific "passion patterns" and core drivers of interest and enthusiasm among successful incumbents in each role.

These patterns are summarized into Job-Specific Passion Profiles for each key position, forming a solid foundation for your ongoing development, placement and succession decisions.

Next, we evaluate high-potential workshop participants and your existing management systems to provide strategies and tools for leveraging employee passions within them.

Since Leading With Purpose is customized for your organization, it complements the investments you've already made in systems for employee recruitment, development, retention and performance management.

The workshop explores in-depth the purpose and passions of each individual leader and how those align with your organization's purpose and goals for growth.

And finally, workshop insights will be used to develop a Purpose-Linked Development Plan for your leaders, with example actions to guide them as they align their passions and jobs.

The Purpose Linked Development Plan can be incorporated into existing employee development plans or used as a stand-alone tool.

Contact us to bring Leading With Purpose to your organization.

Sell with Passion

Enhance the energy and substance of customer conversations.

Sell with Passion

A transformational process for sales managers and their teams

This workshop is designed to enhance the energy and substance of conversations with customers, leading to measurable sales results.

Our groundbreaking approach significantly increases the quality of the conversations between sales professionals and their customers by enhancing the self-awareness of sales professionals and the authenticity with which they engage their customers.

The program provides a methodology for sales professionals to determine customer expectations of the sales conversation, while learning how to apply an effective sales process to achieve results.

In addition to enhancing customer interactions, the program expands participant's self-knowledge and supports better team interactions and collaboration.

Designed for sales managers and their teams, Sell With Passion includes components that enable managers to coach for success by understanding how to leverage the passions and sales competencies of their team members.

Executive Coaching

Get the tools and support you need to thrive as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Experienced and professional coaches with the tools and support you need to thrive.

Leading in a dynamic, fast-paced environment can bring challenges that seem insurmountable, and test your mettle and resilience.

Our experience has shown that leading effectively in these complex times requires a commitment to remaining curious, a willingness to seek new knowledge and understanding, and a consistent practice of engaging in deep reflection about your own style of leadership.

PLC’s experienced and professional executive coaches can provide you with the tools and support you need to thrive as a leader.

We can help you:

  • Gain clarity about your leadership goals
  • Learn how to apply your passions and skills to your leadership approach
  • Develop a clear vision, mission and value set that helps you focus on the most important priorities
  • Balance the various facets of your life in a holistic and healthy way

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Building Passionate Teams

Increase engagement, discretionary effort and job satisfaction.

Building Passionate Teams

A learning session for team leaders

Participants will discover their own passions and those of their team, while learning how to create a culture where employee passions and purpose can flourish.

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