Leveraging Purpose and Passion in the Workplace

In the flagship workshop that put PLC on the map, participants explore the impact of purpose and passion on individual and organizational results. Participants complete Passion Profiler™assessments prior to the session. Then, during the one-day, introductory workshop (and optional next-day coaching session), a certified Passion Profiler ™ expert meets with individuals to interpret their results and help them understand how to utilize the findings. The workshop also educates participants on strategies to leverage the passions of a team to achieve results.

The focus of the afternoon includes a customized review of critical business strategies and identification of key skills and passions required to achieve them. When combining and leveraging employee skills and passions, organizations are able to shift performance from good to great because employees understand their unique contributions to desired goals.

To embed the workshop learning and provide a roadmap for ongoing development, participants create a Leveraging Passion Action Plan, which details specific steps they will take to apply their newly defined passions to ongoing objectives, both professional and personal.

The Passion Profiler™

What makes your MVPs tick (and thrive!) – and how can you tap into their individual passions to boost your organization’s bottom line?

The Passion Profiler™, a groundbreaking online tool, assesses an individual’s purpose in life and their expression of that purpose in work-related passions – the inherent talents and interests that stimulate us to learn new skills and think more creatively while generating excitement that keeps us working long into the night just because we want to. These quantifiable passions are expressed as 10 Passion Profile Archetypes (i.e., the Connector, the Transformer, the Healer and the Processor) that define a person’s overall approach to work and life.

After completing the online assessment, respondents receive a Comprehensive Passion Profile Report which:

  • Identifies the archetype styles they are currently exhibiting at work
  • Identifies and explains their hard-wired archetypes in order of influence
  • Examines how closely they feel their individual fates are tied to the success or failure of their organizations, or how fully engaged they are
  • Identifies their contributions to the flow of organizational knowledge
  • Highlights their propensity to think and reflect contemplatively on their life and work experiences and how likely are they to use what they learn to weave better connections between their passions and work.

Value for the individual: Developing an understanding of their unique archetypes allows respondents to better align their passions with their work, so they experience greater fulfillment and deliver even better results. For job seekers, it provides a platform for examining the driving passions that can contribute to success in a new position and help target the job search process.

Value for the employer: Organizations that successfully align employees’ assignments with not only their skills, but also their inherent passions, experience increased employee motivation, satisfaction, retention and creativity. Leaders employing their passions at work drive innovation and growth – and your bottom line.

Organizations that choose to administer The Passion Profiler™ to teams or units may also obtain a Comprehensive Group Report. This summarizes the Passion Archetypes of the respondent group, identifies employees whose jobs and passions don’t line up and highlights potential development and retention challenges the organization needs to address.

Leading With Purpose™ 

Passion makes complacency uncomfortable – Alaina Love

What’s the new competitive advantage your company can’t afford to ignore? Purpose Power – or forging connections between individual workers’ passions and your corporate purpose and goals.

Organizations spend millions each year on leadership development programs for employees. While many provide valuable tools for your talent management arsenal, none address passion and purpose – the keys to keeping those well-developed leaders on board, engaged, efficient and innovative in the most challenging and rapidly-changing business environment anyone remembers

Leading With Purpose™ is a unique process that, once tailored to your organization’s specific needs, will help your company harness its Purpose Power by:

  • Examining the unique Passion Profiles required for specific, strategic jobs
  • Defining the Passion Profiles needed to support existing or emerging strategies
  • Identifying the Passion Profiles of high-potential individuals in your organization
  • Assessing and addressing gaps between key talents’ passions and job roles

The Leading With Purpose™ process complements, and goes beyond, traditional skills-and strengths-based programs. The process begins with an analysis of the most critical strategic positions in your company. Unlike in typical skill inventories, we identify job-specific “passion patterns” as well as core drivers of interest and enthusiasm among successful incumbents in each role. These patterns are summarized into Job-Specific Passion Profiles for each key position, a solid foundation for your ongoing development, placement and succession decisions.

Next, we evaluate high-potential individuals (who attend the Leading With Purpose™ Workshopas well as existing or emerging strategies and internal management systems – and provide strategies and tools for leveraging employee passions within them.

Because Leading With Purpose™ is customized for your organization, it complements, rather than replaces, investments you’ve made in existing training, development, recruitment, retention and performance management systems.

Results-Linked Leadership Process™

No one has the time to work harder anymore; now, work has to be done smarter. Our hands-on, individually-customized Results-Linked Leadership Process™ helps organizations identify the key objectives leaders need to focus on to achieve their core purpose. Our team will help leaders align those goals with their behavior and strategies for growth – in three phases:

PLC Stress Assessment Process

Your employees are stressed out! As business continues to change at the speed of thought, and as the economy weighs on everyone’s mind and workloads increase due to layoffs, employees are reporting higher levels anxiety than ever before. And that could take its toll on your workforce’s morale and productivity. So smart companies are giving employees tools to manage their stress, minimizing burnout and turnover, so that organizational goals can be met.

Enter PLC’s Stress Assessment Process™ – a leading-edge process that uncovers both the organizational and personal issues most impacting your team members’ stress levels. Individuals use our well-researched online instrument to identify stressors as well as the resources and coping mechanisms available to help. Then participants experience one-on-one telephone interviews with a PLC Program Counselor, a licensed therapist who will guide them in understanding the personal impact of stress with the development and implementation of an Individual Stress Management Plan. Finally, individuals come together as a team to identify aspects of how the team functions that may be contributing to group stress – and to create a plan to manage those issues so the group can work together cohesively and effectively.