April 13, 2016

10 Leadership Perspectives Critical for the Next Decade

My mother was an elegant woman who never went out in public without looking very pulled together. Her hair was always well-coiffed, her clothes properly tailored and suited for her petite frame, and her youthful face was stark in its contrast to the date of birth listed on her passport. “If you want to look good ten years from now,” she said, “you’d better get started on that today.” Many years later I realized that my mother’s advice applies to both life and business.
April 8, 2016

You’re Fired! What One Executive Learned About Leadership After Losing a Job

While making a mad dash to board an airport train last week, I ran into Stephen —literally ran into him — as we both jockeyed to squeeze ourselves in among the other harried travelers. We had not seen each other since our days as middle managers when we both worked for the same large multinational firm. Stephen was incredibly fun back in those days, as well as ambitious, hard working and among the most brilliant men I knew.