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Founder & CEO

Alaina Love sitting in grassy field

Alaina Love

Builder - Transformer - Healer

Alaina is the CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting (PLC), and developer of PLC’s groundbreaking instrument: The Passion Profiler™.

Prior to founding PLC, Alaina was Executive Director of Human Resources for Merck & Co, with responsibility for the HR services of over 15,000 employees worldwide. She’s also been a research scientist in the field of immunology and a clinical researcher monitoring international drug trials.

Alaina co-authored the book, The Purpose Linked Organization, which focuses on PLC’s research into the importance of purpose and passion in creating a fulfilled and motivated workforce.

Alaina joins Marshall Goldsmith's 100 Coaches!

100 Coaches is an exclusive community of coaches dedicated to improving the world through their collective impact. Through services, events, online courses and other opportunities they inspire, develop, and energize leaders for the future.

Alaina awarded International Thought Leader of Distinction!

Alaina was recognized in 2021 as an International Thought Leader of Distinction by the MEECO Leadership Institute.

Certified Consultants

Susan Arnold head shot
Certified Passion Profiler™ Coach

Susan Arnold

Transformer - Teacher - Healer

Amy Balog head shot
Certified Passion Profiler™ Coach

Amy Balog

Connector - Builder - Healer

Bill Spreitzer head shot
Certified Passion Profiler™ Coach

Bill Spreitzer

Teacher - Healer - Builder

Dave Vogelpohl head shot
Certified Passion Profiler™ Coach

Dave Vogelpohl

Transformer - Builder - Healer

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